Gregory Calibey – (b. 1959) American, a true Renaissance talent, was the recipient of three national awards in painting before finishing his secondary education. Calibey studied fine art at Wesleyan University and at the University of North Carolina, where he worked with his mentor Marvin Saltzman. After completing his courses, he experimented with a number of artistic disciplines including extensive design work in the areas of architecture and furniture. He ventured into illustration and even television production before coming to the conclusion that painting and sculpting would be his life’s creative pursuit. He cites among his influences Degas, Sargent and Rodin.

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Feature Piece

Greg Calibey is please to unveil his newest work “Girl With Vase”. This newest work, a 24 X 18 unframed, oil on canvas, is wrapped in a beautiful contemporary gold gilded frame. The painting depicts a young girl, nestling a vase in her hands. The vase holds loosely sitting brances and red flowers, which highlight the floral designs in her kimono. Many of Calibey’s works possess an Asian inspired design and embodiement, and this work is no different. The background of the piece moves in a lateral fashion, with broad brush strokes of tonal enbuances filling in the negative space, giving shape and perspective to her stance and mood.

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Greg Calibey embraces his life experiences with bravado, translating memories of expression and mood into the nuance of his art. Reflecting on his childhood, Calibey recognizes he was born to be an artist. “Ever since I can remember, I remember drawing.” Throughout his youth he continually forged his identity, calling himself a “perpetual outsider”. It is this unfiltered perspective on the people and things around him that lends to the complexity of his figures. Believing that creativity, process and individuality are the core fundamentals of his art, his perspective has led to the creation of some very compelling paintings and sculpture.

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